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Snapcraft 3.3

3 April 2019

snapcraft 3.3 is now available on the stable channel of the Snap Store. This is a new minor release building on top of the foundations laid out from the snapcraft 3.0 release.

If you are already on the stable channel for snapcraft then all you need to do is wait for the snap to be refreshed.

The full release notes are replicated here below


base: core

In order to use the new features of snapcraft, introduced with 3.0, and still use 16.04 as a base, support for use of base: core has been added. This will trigger the same semantics as using the base keyword in snapcraft.

Alternate directory for snapcraft.yaml

build-aux/snap is now supported as an alternative directory for snapcraft.yaml and its assets (i.e.; hooks, gui, …). To avoid confusions, snapcraft now display what directory it is picking for assets depending on where the snapcraft.yaml is found. It will only pick build-aux/snap for assets if the snapcraft.yaml is found in that path.

string validations

Snapcraft now produces a better error for when the type detected for the version string is not a string.



A minor fix which should bring rebuilding capabilities to projects using the python plugin. Long gone should be the days of seeing messages of the following construct:

You must give at least one requirement to install (maybe you meant "pip install …")

python and go

Expanded schema errors for users of the go and python, allowing for early discovery of non-valid uses of these plugins. Most importantly, this eliminates the cryptic error during build time when not using a combination of the source and <plugin-name>-packages keywords.


Entries of type string are now supported in package.json for the bin keyword (previously, the plugin could only parse dictionary entries), this means that constructs from package.json of the form:

  "name": "unnamed",
  "version": "1.0",
  "description": "Using string bin entries.",
  "main": "index.js",
  "bin": "bin/index.js",

should be parse and interpreted correctly by snapcraft.


Register against a specific store

Brand stores are a commercial feature of the Snap Store.

The following syntax is now allowed as part of the register command:

snapcraft register [--store <store>] <snap-name>

Which will allow users to register snaps for specific brand stores.

The issues and features worked on for 3.3 can be seen on the 3.3 launchpad milestone which are reflected in the following change list:

Sergio Schvezov

  • many: support for “base: core” in snapcraft.yaml (#2499) (LP: #1819290)
  • python plugin: graceful ret when no packages set (#2498) (LP: #1794216)
  • many: support the use of build-aux/snap (#2496) (LP: #1805219)
  • nodejs pluging: support for type str bin entries (#2501) (LP: #1817553)
  • store: support registering to a specific store (#2479) (LP: #1820107)
  • meta: fix management of snap/local (#2502)
  • tests: improve login pexpect errors
  • tests: correctly retry registers
  • build providers: enhance provider errors (#2508) (LP: #1821217)
  • build providers: improve handling in snap logic (#2507) (LP: #1820864)
  • tests: filter per arch and fix snap build deps

Claudio Matsuoka

  • sources: handle network request errors (#2494)
  • store: handle invalid snap file errors (#2492)
  • tests: fix multipass error handling spread test (#2491)
  • plugins: improve python and go schema validation (#2473) (LP: #1806055)
  • cli: disable raven if not running from package (#2503)

Facundo Batista

  • schema: better ‘version’ error messages: wrong type and incorrect length (#2497) (LP: #1815812)