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Reporting Metrics Back to Ubuntu

8 August 2018

A short lived ride

After some time on Kubuntu on this new laptop, I just re-discovered that I did not want to live in the Plasma world anymore. While I do value all the work the team behind it does, the user interface is just not for me as it feels rather busy to my liking.

In that aforementioned post I wrote about running the Ubuntu Report Tool on this system, it is not part of the Kubuntu install or first boot experience but you can install it by running apt install ubuntu-report followed by running ubuntu-report to actually create the report and if you want, send it too.

Back to Ubuntu

After the announcement of the Ubuntu 18.04.1 release, which interims on top of the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS release, I went ahead and got it running on this laptop. During the first boot experience I went through the steps to eventually report my system setup.

Here’s the output from running this tool right now for this laptop:

  "Version": "18.04",
  "OEM": {
    "Vendor": "BANGHO",
    "Product": "N13xWU"
  "BIOS": {
    "Vendor": "American Megatrends Inc.",
    "Version": "1.05.9RPC"
  "CPU": {
    "OpMode": "32-bit, 64-bit",
    "CPUs": "8",
    "Threads": "2",
    "Cores": "4",
    "Sockets": "1",
    "Vendor": "GenuineIntel",
    "Family": "6",
    "Model": "142",
    "Stepping": "10",
    "Name": "Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8250U CPU @ 1.60GHz",
    "Virtualization": "VT-x"
  "Arch": "amd64",
  "GPU": [
      "Vendor": "8086",
      "Model": "5917"
  "RAM": 8,
  "Partitions": [
  "Screens": [
      "Size": "294mmx165mm",
      "Resolution": "1920x1080",
      "Frequency": "59.93"
  "Autologin": true,
  "LivePatch": false,
  "Session": {
    "DE": "communitheme:ubuntu:GNOME",
    "Name": "ubuntu-communitheme-snap",
    "Type": "x11"
  "Language": "es_AR",
  "Timezone": "America/Argentina/Cordoba",
  "Install": {
    "Media": "Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS \"Bionic Beaver\" - Release amd64 (20180725)",
    "Type": "GTK",
    "OEM": false,
    "PartitionMethod": "use_crypto",
    "DownloadUpdates": true,
    "Language": "es",
    "Minimal": true,
    "RestrictedAddons": true,
    "Stages": {
      "0": "language",
      "6": "console_setup",
      "19": "console_setup",
      "66": "prepare",
      "115": "partman",
      "132": "partman",
      "247": "start_install",
      "280": "timezone",
      "283": "usersetup",
      "323": "user_done",
      "1068": "done"

As you can see, it does not have super fancy out of this world specs, but it gets the job done for me. It is also, my only machine. I do have others, but they just collect dust on some shelf around the house.